10 / 20 / 2016 - vpn on a macOS Sierra

email announcement from Todd Atkins - UCSB Security -


Attention users and those who support users of the Tunnelblick open
source graphic user interface for OpenVPN,

Old versions of Tunnelblick (the OpenVPN VPN client) will not update
to later versions when running on macOS Sierra – updates will always
fail. Please update to the latest stable or beta version of
Tunnelblick before upgrading to Sierra. You do not need to uninstall
Tunnelblick (if you do, you will lose your configurations and

If you have already upgraded to macOS Sierra before upgrading
Tunnelblick, here is a potential workaround:


1) Go to https://ftp.ucsb.edu/private/secured/vpn/ovpn/linux and
download all three files. A '.txt' extension might be added to the
files, so locate the files and remove that extension.

2) Go to https://tunnelblick.net/downloads.html, then download and
install the stable version of Tunnelblick.

3) Once it is installed and running, it will ask if you have a configuration file.

Tell it yes, then drag the ucsb-vpn.ovpn file and
drop it onto the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar.

Tunnelblick should successfully load in the UCSB configuration and
allow you to connect to the VPN server.





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