Can my data manager update our group project machine's version of ARC/GIS?

YES!   This is a common activity happening in Fall Quarter.   We prepare the Group Project machines during the previous spring, and generally want to keep the current version of ARC/GIS on those machines, as students are still doing course work on them.   But, over the summer, we often change the lab image to hold the "next years" version of ARC/GIS.  Since we've already imaged the GP machines and students are using them, we don't by default upgrade ARC/GIS on  the GP machines.  For example, in academic year 2015/2016 ARC GIS 10.3 was the default, but in 2015/2016 ARC GIS 10.4 is the default.


Your GP machine can have ARC/GIS updated (uninstall / install) two ways - 

  1. Submit a help ticket to "" and ask us to remove the old version of ARC/GIS and update to the latest.  You'll need to give us a 2 hour period that no one will be on the machine. You'll also need to consult with all your team members to make sure you all want to do this.   Submit a help ticket saying "all team members want arc/gis updated" in your request.
  2. Have your Data Manager do the upgrade (remove old version / install new version); have them ask us for the software installer "step 4 below"



Steps for the Data Manager to do the uninstall / install - 

  1. Log in with your datamanager admin account ( .\gpcomputername_admin ) using your datamanager password.
  2. Uninstall all software items that start with ArcGIS, there may be one or more of these items.
  3. Restart you computer and re-login with your datamanager admin account ( .\gpcomputername_admin ) using your datamanager password. 
  4. Run the 10.4.1 install located on your computer (we have put a copy in:) c:\Temp\ArcGIS 10.4.1 Desktop\Setup.exe
  5. Accept all the default options ( typical installation type, default installation location).
  6. When the install finishes it will display a desktop administrator wizard window, you can leave all the default settings and just click "OK".
  7. Restart your computer and try running ArcGIS as a regular user ( not your datamanager account ).
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