Creating and Administrating Bren Mailing Lists

Bren Mailing Lists Logins -

To perform a number of mailing list related tasks, such as request a new list, subscribe to a list, or change your mailing list settings you should first create a mailing list account.

  1. In a web browser navigate to:
  2. In the upper left hand corner click on "Create My Account"
  3. Type the email address you wish to use for the account and click "Request first password"
  4. You can now use this email address and the password you receive via email to login to the mailing list user interface.

Requesting a New Mailing List -

You can log into the mailing list user interface and request a new list be created, if your request is approved you will be notified when it has been. To request a new list:

  1. In a web browser navigate to:
  2. Login with your mailing list email address and password using the login option in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Once logged in you can click on the "Create List" tab in the upper middle portion of the webpage.
  4. Scroll down to the "Create a list using a template" section, type your preferred list name in the list name text box and select one of the three list types that best fit your needs. Once your list has been create you can tailor your list settings if you require specific functionality.

    Open List - Anyone can send messages and view archives / list information. 
    Private Discussion List - Only list members can send message and view archives / list information. 
    Private Distribution List - Only list owners can send messages to members.

  5. Provide a short subject describing the purpose of the mailing list in the subject text box.
  6. Provide a longer description of the mailing list if desired in the description text box.
  7. Click "Submit your creation request"

    *Your request for a new list will be sent to the computing administration for review, your mailing list will not be functional until you are notified that is has been approved*

Defining Owners and Moderators - 

By default lists have an owner that is set to the email address of the mailing list user that submitted the list creation request. Lists can have multiple types of privileged users such as owners, and moderators. Only the computing administration can change who is listed as an owner or moderator, so if changes are desired please submit a help ticket.

Owner - Can change some of the mailing list settings, changing how the list functions.
Moderator - Mainly used when wanting to restrict posting to a few users, or if you want to moderate posts made by subscribed list members.

*Owners and Moderators will not receive a copy of posts sent to a mailing list by members or owners / moderators. If you are a list owner or moderator who also wants to receive mailing list posts, you should also subscribe as a list member.


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