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The main take home of this article: as a MESM student you have a $30 allocation for printing, once you spend that allocation, any future printing will be charged to your BARC statement after you approve of this change.  Continue reading for more details.


Basics of Printing at Bren 

At Bren, we provide a basic printing service for our students.  As an environmental school, we'd like to discourage printing, but we understand that sometimes you will need to print documents for homework submissions, class readings, work, etc.  Bren provides the necessary printing infrastructure - print server, print metering software, printers (black and white and color), and paper and maintenance contracts on the printers.  We also purchase the consumables - toner, imaging units, fusers, rollers, waste cartridges for the printers.  

The money to cover the expenses for student printing comes from a budget we use to purchase computers, software, and other enhancements like Wi-Fi for our student community.  We need to limit our expenses on printing, so we recently implemented an annual $30 credit per student to use the Bren printers.  We charge $0.03 for black and white prints and $0.20 for color prints.  So under this $30 credit, you could essentially print close to 1000 pages of black and white during the school year, or only 150 pages of color.

On the 3rd floor of the laboratory wing, students have access to 1-2 black and white printers, and 1-2 color printers. We say 1-2 because sometimes a printer will go offline for maintenance. 

As of the the 2016-2017 school year, we have set a hard printing quota for students.  Once you exhaust your $30 credit, you will not be able to print at Bren unless you fill out this form (https://bren.formstack.com/forms/printing_allotment) indicating that you approve all future printing be charged to your BARC account.  For 2nd year MESM students, we reset their print balance to $30 for the upcoming year. 

Group Projects (2nd year students) get an extra $200 for printing, which they can decide how the money is split up.  We will add the GP printing budget to the account of those students.  

Other Places you might Print 

Collaborate PrintSpot labs

Collaborate PrintSpot labs provide free printing to all enrolled students. Each enrolled student is allowed 200 pages of free black and white printing per quarter to use for academic needs. There are three PrintSpot labs on campus:

Psychology East, Room 1804 (Closest to Bren, ~4 minute walk)

Phelps Hall, Room 1521

Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 1203 

In order to print from these locations, all you need to do save your print job in Box, Google Drive, or another cloud-based storage. Log in to one of the computers in the PrintSpot lab, click on print, and release the print job from the print release station.

For more information on Collaborate PrintSpot, please see this page: http://www.collaborate.ucsb.edu/services/student/printing.

Davidson Library

The library has public printers and photocopiers for your convenience. Printing costs are $0.10 per page at the library. Please note that you'll need a copy card to print at the library. The copy card can be obtained from a copy card dispenser (cash only) at the library or in the Music Library. Cards are reusable and you can add up to $25 on your copy card using a copy card dispenser. 

The library also has wireless printing available for laptop users. For more information on printing at the library, please see this page: http://www.library.ucsb.edu/services/computing-printing-copying

Pardall Center, Isla Vista 

Free printing is available here. For more information, please see this page: https://pardallcenter.as.ucsb.edu/about-us/.

How to Track your Printing Costs

There are a few ways to track your printing costs.

  1. When you are on a desktop computer at Bren, there should be a tray icon that looks like a tree (this is print manager plus). If you click on this icon, you can see your printing balance as well as your print history, print stats, etc.
  2. While on a Bren computer, you can also go to this website (https://print:48111/pmpweb) and log in using your Bren Desktop Account. This page will give you your print balance and printing stats.
  3. Finally, when you login at a release station to print your document, you’ll see a popup with your printing balance information.  

I've spent my entire quota, but I’m willing to pay to continue printing at Bren

Now that you've been educated on the issues around printing, if you have exhausted your printing quota, you may still print at Bren, but just know that you will have to pay for any additional printing beyond your quota. It's up to you to monitor your printing costs and ask for a refund if you have a printing problem. In early June 2017, Bren will submit a bill on your BARC statement for all printing jobs you have done after you surpassed your $30 quota. 

If you reached your quota but still want to print at Bren, you must sign the following form agreeing to pay for all future print jobs through your own account. The form may be accessed here: https://bren.formstack.com/forms/printing_allotment.

If you have any questions about printing, please come by the Compute Office (Bren 3516) or send us an email at compute@bren.ucsb.edu.



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