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Welcome to the Bren School Computing Services Page. This page summarizes our mission and services. You'll find more details in the FAQS we have posted in our knowledge base. 

Mission Statement:  Supporting Bren's mission, We help the Bren community use technology efficiently by providing responsive service and guiding the path to new innovations.

Office Hours / Location: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday (Excluding Holidays), Bren Hall 3516

Scheduled Outages(internal/campus) Info   Calendar

Getting Help Stop by Bren Hall 3516 or 3045; Send email to ; or fill out this Form 

Knowledge Base - We've written lots of help guides, review the sections or just search for what you are interested in @

Twitter - We occasionally post what we're doing, or new things that we think that might be interesting.  Follow us @brencompute or

Vimeo - We post some videos (often linked in our knowledge base to our Vimeo Channel -

Key Services Provided (things you might ask for help on) -  (There is much behind the scenes to support these outward facing services; such as replacing hard drives when they fail, monitor the anti-virus consoles reports on 300+ computers, dealing with printer jams and managing a system to track printing utilization). 

Computer Accounts / Email Lists / Building access:

  • Bren Desktop (windows desktop, fileserver, printing, WiFi)
  • Bren WiFi
  • UCSB Connect/Email (email - google apps for education)
  • email lists and functional email accounts
  • enabling building access on lab wing 
  • Account De-provisioning 

Internet Connectivity:

  • wired connection to computers in office (both managed desktops and un-managed)
  • manage physical wired connections in Office, Lab wings and patch panels in 8 communication closets
  • manage network 11 switches in 8 communication closets
  • WiFi network (30 access points and management software and accounts)


  • Bren managed windows desktop for staff/faculty
  • Bren managed windows desktops in computer labs
  • Support for Macs purchased with Bren funds
  • Software installation
  • Imaging of computer systems

Printing/Copying/Scanning: (some groups have quotas)

  • centralized printing for Faculty/Staff/Students and visitors
  • copiers for Faculty/Staff
  • scanning for all / scanning to email

Servers:  (much of the server infrastructure includes backups and such)

  • File Servers
  • Windows Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, etc
  • Web Server
  • Anti-virus
  • Software Deployment servers
  • Remote Access (windows)

Software Licensing:

  • Microsoft products
  • Anti-virus software
  • Science applications (ArcGIS/Matlab/Stata/...)

Computing Guidance / support

  • general troubleshooting
  • orientations (incoming class)
  • orientations to new services (google calendar, google email, zoom, Box, Google drive, ...)
  • training and support on some applications
  • advice on using cloud technologies
  • tips on using common applications like email and windows explorer
  • advice on computing strategies
  • guidance and training on cloud computing
  • email and calendaring support
  • cloud storage support
  • specialize software installation assistance
  • anti-virus / malware / computer problem guidance
  • other questions you might have
  • Give advice on computer hardware purchases.
  • Data Recovery
  • working with technology related support vendors/technicians
  • occasional offsite computing support for staff and faculty, and remote support via gotoassist

Equipment Loans 

  • Projectors
  • Laptop
  • Cables

Purchasing assistance

  • Give advice on computer hardware purchases.
  • Give advice on computer sotware purchases.

Class Room / Meeting Room Support

  • 7 classrooms
  • Podiums (desktop, laptop connection, clickers)
  • Audio / Video (projection)
  • WiFi
  • Visitor Center / Bonzai / Manzanita 

Evolving Compute infrastructure and applications

Day To Day help desk support


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