What video recording services are provided at Bren?

Please note: these are internal services only.  If you are not Bren Faculty, Staff or Student, you'll want to consult with Instructional Development on video recording services.

In the past, media services/video recording service were provided via the Events Group, and in 2016 this service moved to the compute team.  

The video recording services offered include - 

  1. Recording a lecture in a classroom, posting this video online or providing the video to the requestor
  2. re-broadcasting a lecture to an overflow classroom
  3. Recording a talk in a smaller room with a single video recorder and shotgun microphone

Instructional Development at UCSB provides professional video services.  You may choose to use them to provide the service you need if Bren isn't able to meet your needs.  More information can be found at their service page http://video.production.id.ucsb.edu/

We have three primary methods of providing these services

  1. Video Camera with shotgun microphone and or external microphone
  2. Media Cart - takes video feeds from desktop, audio from wireless microphones and a 2nd video source of camera on person talking.
  3. Computer/Podium external camera, microphone and software such as Zoom or Panopto(GauchoCast @ UCSB)

To provide these services reliably, we have to schedule an operator to manage the equipment (camera, audio, recording, broadcasting).  Due to the scheduling requirements of the operator, we need to have requests two weeks before the event and a discussion with the requester to ensure we have the appropriate equipment for the event.


Please fill out this form to request video recording service.  FORM


** we generally need two weeks notice to be able to schedule staff to be available to do the recording.




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