Can I connect my phone to the Bren WiFi without entering my credentials?

Yes,  starting September 2016, we are starting a trial program of "whitelisting" phones on request to the Bren WiFi network.  This is a result of student input from the last years survey on how difficult it was to connect to the WiFi network on a phone. 

If you are a Bren Community member, and have a Bren Desktop account, we can "whitelist" your phone or tablet so you don't have to enter the credentials each time you connect.   

You can get your phone whitelisted two ways - 

  1. @ Bren, connect your phone to the Bren WiFi network (login), and fill out this form:
  2. @ Bren, connect your phone to the Bren WiFi network (login), wait 5 minutes, then stop by Bren Hall 3516, you'll need to give us your UCSBnetID or Bren Desktop username.


Once we get your information, we'll find your phone, label it in our system, then "whitelist" it so you won't have to enter your credentials.


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