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Contribute Guidelines

Creating a new page

To create a new page click on "New"
You will be presented with a list of templates that are broken down into sections

Ignore the following template options:
Where section is a placeholder for the section you wish to select (ie. About Bren, Academic Programs, People, etc.)

The only template you should choose is:
Where "section" is a placeholder for the section you wish to select (ie. About, Academics, People, etc.)

Enter a page title and click "OK"
The title should follow this format: Bren School - Section - Specific Subject of Page
E.G. Bren School - Events & Media - Tony Blair

Our webpages have a 'breadcrumb' feature; it is the strip of text that resides at the bottom of the header image (the top image on the page). It shows the user where they are on the website.
Example: "Home > About Bren > Dean's Message"

When you create a new webpage, only part of the breadcrumb is prepopulated (i.e. existing when you create the page), based on the particular section template you chose. The end of the breadcrumb simply says "CHANGE ME." This is a placeholder; you need to change it to match the title of the page. Note that "CHANGE ME" is all caps when you create the page. Your edit should contain only an initial upper-case letter, with the rest lower-case.

Next is the section title text. This is the large blue text that is just under the header image and will be prepopulated to indicate the section you entered into your page title above (ie. about, Academic, People, Events & Media, etc.) You should change this text to match the title of your page and the end of the breadcrumb above.

When editing content on a webpage in Contribute, you will have a limited number of options, which include basic bolding, italicizing, creating bulleted lists, and several others. (Icons for these functions appear in the Contribute toolbar at the top of the page when you are in edit mode. Access the formatting options by selecting the dropdown box located just under the "Publish" button. You will need to use these styles to format your webpages appropriately. The bold and italics buttons are next to this menu.

Available styles and how to use them

To perform text formatting: Highlight the text you wish to change then go to the dropdown box, scroll down to the style you want, and click on it.
bren_style1 - regular size black text (Apply this to all normal text in paragraphs, etc. and to the text in bulleted lists to ensure proper spacing)
bren_style2 - regular size bold blue text (used primarily for photo captions)
bren_style3 - regular size bold blue italicized text (used for subheads)
bren_style4 - large size bold blue text (for headlines)
bren_style5 - regular size green text (rarely if ever used because hard to read)
bren_style6 - large size bold black text (can be a headline, but we use style4 much more often)

Note: If you are taking text from another source (a Word document, for example) and pasting it into a Contribute page, the imported text can sometimes cause problems in Contribute because it carries unwanted formatting from the source file where you got it. The best way to avoid this is to "clean" the text by running it through the Notepad utility application before pasting into Contribute. Here's how:

  1. Copy the text you want from your source document.
  2. Open Notepad. (To find Notepad, go to your Windows browser and click on "All Programs," then "Accessories." Notepad will be there. If you regularly use Contribute, it's a good idea to right click on Notepad and select "Pin to Taskbar." It will then show up with the other frequently used applications you have placed on your taskbar.
  3. Paste the text you are importing into the blank page that opens when you open Notepad.
  4. Select the text you just pasted (it will have had its formatting stripped; it will look like Courier font), copy it, and then paste it into the Contribute document. Occasionally, a bit of stubborn formatting will stick to the text you are importing, even after running it through Notepad. This is rare, but if it happens, you should try again. If it refuses to accept the correct formatting in Contribute or to display properly when saved and viewed on a web page, send a request to

Images: Note that images you wish to post on web pages must first be sent to James to be run through Photoshop. This will ensure that the image is the right size and resolution for optimal viewing and won't slow the loading process for a page. If you load an image that is too large, it can dramatically slow the page-loading process. If you place a photo, then resize it (especially by expanding it), it will lose quality and display poorly.

Image formatting: Select an image and click on the style you want from the dropdown box
image-left - moves the picture to the left and wraps text around it.
image-left_border - moves the picture to the left, wraps text around it, and adds a border. Note that since the redesign of the site, we have articulated and followed a preference NOT to use borders.
image-right - moves the picture to the right and wraps text around it .
image-right_border - moves the picture to the right, wraps text around it, and adds a border.
image_border - adds a border to an image.
image_padded - adds spacing around an image.
image_padded_border - adds a border and spacing around an image.

Note: Please be consistent with border use on images on any given page (mainly avoding them), and preferably within sections.

Entire table formatting: Select the entire table you want to change by single clicking on it and click on the style you want from the dropdown box
padded-table - applies ample spacing between all of the table cells
padded-thin-table - applies a small amount of spacing between all of the table cells
padded-table-bordered - applies a border around the table
padded-thin-table-bordered - applies a border around the table and applies a small amount of spacing between all table cells
padded-table-blue-bordered - makes the table blue and applies a border around the table

Table row formatting: Select the rows you want to change the color of and click on the style you want from the dropdown box. Select rows by holding down the "control" key and clicking in the cells in that row.
cell_blue-row_light - makes the cell / row light blue
cell_blue-row_dark - makes the cell / row dark blue and the text inside it white
cell_white - makes the cell / row white (used to remove row_light or row_dark)

Internal use: Do not select these
ul.ul_fix - if you create a bulleted list the line spacing will be too close, please contact brad to fix

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