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Group Project Data/Web Manager Info

This page contains information pertaining to services that the Group Project Data Managers are responsible for supporting. For the information below, please substitute GROUP with the lower-case version of your group project's name below:

Group Assignments  (2018) -

3rd Floor -


1st Floor -



Email list information is available @


Windows File Management

Your group project drive "G:" is automatically mapped to "\\\groupprojects\GroupProjects2018\GROUP". The Data Manager can create folders and assign permissions to them. Briefly, you can right-click on the folder you want to change access on and go to Properties. Click on the security tab and either change the permissions for your group. If you want to give access to your advisor, go to Add and type in ESM\username and click OK. Then, with this user selected, set the permissions. Modify will let them add or change anything, but not delete. We recommend setting up the following directories:

By default group members have read / write permission, and the data manager has full permissions (which include the ability to change the permissions of folders / files).

We recommend creating a folder structure that will complement collaboration, some example are lib and work folders:

lib = library where the group members can view the latest versions and final products maintained by the data manager, a.k.a. data librarian.

work = working documents for group members to have individual space for creating documents

Calendaring - use your to login to Google and use Google Calendar




We may be able to offer some advice if you decide to do surveys. Please send an email to

Please be aware of policies regarding human subject testing.


Group Project Report

Writing a big report with 5 people working concurrently can be challenging.

General Word Tips -

  • Save often, and to your network drives (ie H: or G:).  Avoid saving to your desktop or anywhere else on your local machine.
  • Don't open a document simultaneously along with someone else.
  • Make backup versions of important documents, especially when several people are editing.
  • Chunk out large documents into chapters or sections.Large word documents can become easily corrupted, especially when large images, spreadsheets and other objects are embedded


Preparing your Group Project Poster and Briefs

Below are some options for where you can get your poster and briefs printed, but be sure to CHECK THE VENDOR’S INFORMATION about acceptable software, formats, and file types BEFORE beginning the poster and briefs. Poster size should be a minimum of 4 ft. x 3 ft. but no larger than 4 ft. x 6 ft. (including borders), and the resolution for the files for most printers should be at least 300 dpi. Information below was obtained in 2012, but you should call vendors directly to verify current prices and requirements.

1511 Chapala Downtown Santa Barbara

Cost for posters is approximately $4 per square foot for printing and $3 per square foot for lamination. You must identify yourselves as part of Bren School Projects to receive this discount. Please allow 2-3 days lead time on the posters. The best person to contact at the UCen branch is Kim Larsen [; 805.968.1055].

Files can either be brought to the store or uploaded through the website by following the link ‘Upload files.”

Maximum height is 60", width can be larger. They have had difficulty printing PowerPoint posters in the past; they recommned InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. If you can give them a PDF, TIFF, or JPG they can print it. The best file format is a PDF* - one generated at Press Quality and with all font information included. Save the file compatible with the lower versions of Acrobat (4.0 to 6.0). They do have a higher version of Acrobat Professional but using the lower version will avoid all compatibility issues. Do NOT compress/downsample images to less than 300 dpi. The font issues are taken care of by checking an option to "subset fonts when percent of characters used is less than 100%." These are options readily available out of Adobe's Illustratorand InDesign. If Photoshop is used to create the file, please use a resolutionof 300 dpi at the size wanted and save a TIFF or an EPS file. The latter can be converted to a PressQualtiy PDF using the Acrobat Distiller.

Students will receive a 40% discount off color copying for briefs. Please identify yourself as part of Bren School Projects and allow at least 24 hours for printing of the briefs.

Bldg. 937, room 1001 (next to Broida Hall)

The UCSB Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology (ITST) has a poster printer located on-site. This machine prints a poster in less than 15 minutes and the cost is $40.00 for a poster sized smaller than 36"x48"(maximum poster width is 36") .Printer is available on a first come, first served basis. No reservations are required. File format must be either MS PowerPoint 97-2003 or .pdf


$40 per poster smaller than 36”x48”. Please make your poster without full color background if possible.
$40 per poster for full color background.
$80 per poster greater than 36”x48”.

*You need to leave a 1" margin all around your poster.

**If you created your poster on a Mac, please open it then save it under a Windows PC.

Should you decide to use the ITST printer, please CHECK THE VENDOR’S INFORMATION about acceptable software, formats, and file types BEFORE beginning the poster. (click on "How to print" for detailed information).



They have a 42" wide poster printer that is available for use to print posters. One side must be 42" or less and the other side can be any size. Cost is $1.95/sq. ft. and they can print color backgrounds.

You need to directly contact Beth O'Connor at 805-893-2051 at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange a time to print. The best format for the posters is Powerpoint (but you can also print from Acrobat) and must be brought on CD or flash drive as the computer is not hooked up to Internet. The process usually takes about 30 min from start to finish, but allow yourself more time to accommodate other printers or other unforseen circumstances.


Instructional Development has a photo quality poster printer. Poster cost is $8/sq. ft.

The bottom line is: If you can make a pdf that looks good to you, they can print it.
In addition to pdf’s, they can accept a number of other formats destined for output to the large format printer. Tiff, jpg, and eps, are best. They can also accept native software formats for PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator although one always runs a small risk of cross platform (they are an all Macintosh environment), font, and version issues.

For more detailed information on poster printing, please see the poster tutorial at the bottom of this page:

5. KINKO'S - in Goleta or on Hope Street

Kinko's has a partnership with UCSB where if you bring in a University Purchase Order, you will get a discount.


Regular posters are currently $7.25 / sq.ft. with this discount. For glossy or laminated posters they charge $9.25/sq. ft and 8.25/sq. ft., respectively. Mounting is additional so call for exact pricing. Preferred format is .pdf, but they will also accept .jpg. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for completion, depending on how busy they are.


Color copies and black and white copies are discounted to $.39 and  $.03 respectively. Please allow at least 24 hours for printing of the briefs. 

6. SB Printer - UCEN / Goleta
Located in the UCEN on campus, or in Goleta at 5716 Hollister Ave #102

SB Printer may be able to provide poster printing services, however we don't currently have specific details.


If you have any questions, please send them to


Retension of Data and Webpages

Group Project Machine -

Group project machines are re-used the following year, part of the move out process is to make sure that any locally stored data has been moved to another location if retention is required. For relatively small amounts of data you can store this on the G: drive, if you have significant amount of data you should talk with us how to best handle this.

The hard drives are pulled from the group project machines during this transition and stored for at least a year in the off chance that a group has forgot to retrieve something. After this year period the hard drives are erased and re-used.

Group Project Data Share  -

The G Drive, is your group's folder mapped to a shared volume.   All of your cohort group projects share a volume that is about 4 terabytes.   If you see your G drive has 100 Gigabytes left, that means there are 100 Gigabytes left for all group projects.

at the end of your project:  Your G: drive will be archived onto external backup drives or cloud storage 12 months after your group project has ended. We recommend that you deliver to your client any digital products from your G drive before you graduate, and take a copy of your G drive with you.  Students have copied their G drive to 1-2 TB disk drives they have purchased, or to personal cloud storage accounts.   If you have 100s of gigabytes to terabytes of data on your G drive, please remove what isn't needed for others to use in the future.  It costs us about $150 a year to store a terabyte of storage on our servers a year.  With 20 group projects a year, this can build up in cost.   


Group Project Website


Hosting Choices - 

Most GPs do web hosting through a service such as wordpress, weebly, wix, squarespace, etc.

When using a web hosting service (wordpress, weebly, wix, github etc.) the retention falls under whatever they offer. If you use a monthly paid plan and cease payment it may have ramifications for how long your data is available.

Domain Names -

Some groups will choose to purchase a domain name for their group website. Domain names are renewed on an annual basis typically and once renewal / payment ceases the domain name will become unavailable.


Local Administrative Priviledges

The data manager has local administrative privileges on your group project machine, this allows them install any software needed by themself. This is done for added convenience but if you are uncomfortable installing the software you need we are more than happy to handle the installations for you.

Using the Local Administrative Account -

(This will only work on your assigned group project machine)

Username: .\GROUPNAME_admin
Password: your normal bren computer password (data manager)

Once you have performed your administrative tasks log off and back on as your normal user account.

Reference of local administrative account names and associated Data Manager account for Local Administrative Accounts:

(logins in bold have had the login truncated from the original full length group name due to technical reasons.)

airficiency\airficiency_admin ewilliams
autoponics\autoponics_admin mgargiulo
blacksheep\blacksheep_admin kmiller
saltonsea\saltonsea_admin leisenhardt
savingsierras\savingsierras_admin chughes
uclivinglabs\uclivinglabs_admin cpalmstrom
clawless\clawless_admin fugolotti
energychoice\energychoice_admin elee
gogobies\gogobies_admin mpatton
instreamimpact\instreamimpact_admin gsencan
merluccius\merluccius_admin ngrimes
mnheadwaters\mnheadwaters_admin schalasani
musselflexers\musselflexers_admin iladner
nextgenwater\nextgenwater_admin zqi
nutsforwater\nutsforwater_admin cangosto
solarstash\solarstash_admin ebrutsch
tejondrones\tejondrones_admin jpham
tetonrecharge\tetonrecharge_admin treeder
westcoastseas\westcoastseas_admin cocochran



There are no generic group project accounts / users so printing must be done by a group member under their account. To offset the costs associated with this you can transfer portions of your allotted group projects funds to a particular group member to cover printing costs you might incur. To find out more about this talk with the Bren financial team.


First Floor Security Access 

If you find that your building access does not work for the first floor please send in a request so that we can troubleshoot the issue.  You will be issued a code by Academic Programs, giving you access to a physical key in a lock box to enter your group project room.  DO NOT prop the door open.  Students often don't remove the prop thus providing easy theft of items in that room. 


Collaboration tools (Box, Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, email lists)

We recommend that you use Zoom for video conferencing in our facilities. Zoom is easy to use, works in all our spaces and is generally higher quality (audio/video) than its competition.

That being said, many of your clients may want to use other conferencing software such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business.   If you are using software other than Zoom, we recommend that you try the software in the room you will be using, before your scheduled meeting. You may have to request that we install the  particular software in a room if that software doesn't allow it to be installed by a normal user.

Links -

Zoom - ;
Box - ;
Google Drive - ;(with your


Data Manager Orientation

We have a zoom recording of the Data Manager Orientation given on 5/12/2017 if you were unable to attend the session you can review it here:

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