Can I organize my UCSB/Bren email?

Yes, in fact, Elise, a 2017 MESM, contributed the following tips -

Use this on your UCSB Gmail account (or personal gmail account if you've forwarded email to that).

Following are tips from Elise.


It took me awhile as a new student to figure out how I wanted to handle all of the Bren and general UCSB email that we receive. I thought maybe new students would be interested in a short-cut to organization, so I threw together a quick thing just in case:

If anyone is planning on forwarding their UCSB email to a Gmail account, or using the Gmail interface directly with their account (as Jake Levine has figured out how to do, but I can't seem to replicate his methods) these filters might be useful.

Three steps:

  1. Create Labels for Organization: Click on the Gear in the upper right hand corner of Gmail interface, and select Settings. In the Labels tab, go to "Create New Label" button. Create a Label titled "UCSB." Then create two other new Labels "nested" under UCSB: "Jobs/Internships" and "Lists"
  2. Install Filters: Download the file I've attached here, mailfilters.xml. In Gmail go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses, then find and click the Import Filters link. Click Choose file, find the mailfilters.xml file, and then click the Open file button. Make sure all filters are checked and then click "Create Filters."
  3. Customize for your Email: Find the filter that has "STUDENT@bren" and "STUDENT@ucsb" emails, and click the "edit" link. Replace STUDENT with your respective email IDs. Find the filter that says "matches: list:grad2017" and change the year. 2018 for this incoming class, of course. <3

Boom! Organized incoming mail! And it's easy to go in and customize these if you find a better way. But a good starting point.

You can share or not, but I thought I'd pass it on to you in case you guys thought it would be helpful!


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