How many UCSB email accounts do I have?

If you are a student, you'll have two.   You'll have your official U-Mail account, which is currently hosted by Microsoft Office 365. You also have a Gmail account (or Connect account).  We know this is a little confusing.  In a few years, all students should just have the one email account, but since Bren uses Google Calendar, you have that Gmail account also.

Each student has a UCSBnetID, that is the prefix to your email accounts. Following is a list of emails and accounts.

  • U-Mail -
  • Gmail/Connect -  (and a
  • Bren Email alias - is forwarded to your U-Mail or UCSB Gmail account. For the 2018 graduating class, we will set that to your UCSB Gmail/Connect account.

As of Fall 2016, this is our recommendation:

  • Forward your U-Mail to your UCSB Gmail/Connect Account
  • Create any labels/filters on your UCSB Gmail/Connectl Account to help organize email.

Why do we recommend that you use the UCSB Gmail/Connect account?  You will be using the Google Calendar to schedule rooms and meetings with faculty and others, and at UCSB we use the Google Calendar.  Its just easier when accepting or creating meetings. 

With your UCSB Google account, you have unlimited storage in your google drive.  Many students will continue to use their personal email accounts, and forward email to those.  You are welcome to do that, but we don't recommend it.  If you do forward email to your personal accounts, we recommend that you forward and leave a copy of the email, so that if you don't see email that you should have received, you'll be able to look on one of your University accounts.

web links - 

U-Mail -

UCSB Gmail/Connect -   or





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