Printing and Copying at Bren (policies and expectations - 2016/2017)

Bren offers centralized printing, copying and scanning services to its community.  In 2016/2017 we are trying some new practices to educate users on their print usage along with minimizing the expenditures out of the Bren budget to support what in the past has been unlimited printing/copying.  In the past we've spent more on printing than we have on core services such as file servers.  Some of our goals include minimizing the staff time in administrating our service, so we can focus on more important tasks. 

Description of some of these new practices -

  • All Bren Accounts will have quotas on their printing. 
  • Copy codes will only be issued by default to select individuals or groups.
  • We will provide a printing solution which you can pay for personally with a credit card if you go beyond your quota that is covered by Bren.
  • You will be able to check your printing usage from your Bren Desktop via a new tray icon.  

Copier - Ricoh 3554

Copy codes will be issued to Bren Departments and individual faculty and lecturers.   PhD's can request a copy code. Postdocs, Researchers, Visitors must get a copy code by having their sponsor request a new copy code that would get charged to a specific recharge account.  No copy codes will be issued to MESM students (you can scan and print, or use the copiers at the UCEN or Library).  If you've forgotten your copy code, you can ask Dee, Briny or the compute team. 

Printing - 

Some groups have their own printer and provide their own supplies, in that case printing to these printers will not have a cost or quota associated with that printer.  The only printers that quotas apply to are common space printers: 2 mail rooms, Deans Suite, 3516 and the 3rd floor computer labs.  Currently there are 11 common space printers.   We hope to decrease that number to simplify things.  We hope to deploy a wepa printing kiosk for those who have printed their entire print allocation.

Print Quotas - 

The purpose of our quotas is to help educate our community on their print usage. Some groups can have their quota increased (faculty, PhD, staff).  Following are the initial allocation offered as annual quotas for our users.

  • Faculty - $200
  • Staff - $100
  • PhD - $100
  • MESM - $30 + group project allocation **
  • Postdocs, Researchers, visitors - $10  (200 black and white pages roughly).  


** MESM Students can continue to print after the original allocation, but they will be billed on their BARC statement.  Please see this document for increasing your MESM allocation.


An email we would send to faculty if a postdoc, researcher, visitor needed copy functionality might be:

Good morning,  Joe Visitor Gaucho has requested to use the copier service at Bren and said you are his Bren Sponsor.  If you approve of this request, we'd be happy to create a copy code for them.  We just need your approval and a budget number to charge.   

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    dee white

    Just a couple grammar errors:
    No copy codes will be issues to MESM
    Currently their are 11
    The purpose of our quotas to help educate

    Otherwise, it is very good. I think you covered everything we talked about.

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    Looks good to me, thanks.

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    Hi Steve- Thank you for sending this document to us! My only note is that I thought the Postdoc's would need to get referred to the compute team to either scan and print, or get issued a code. I recall just Researchers and Visitors would need to have a faculty sponsor. However, it does make sense to have a faculty sponsor as well for Postdoc's. I do not have any comments otherwise- thanks!

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