Does Bren have WiFi?

Yes, Bren has a network of 30 access points sprinkled around the Bren Building. 

WiFi Networks you'll see at the Bren Building 

  • BREN - use this with your Bren windows/domain accounts; this is the least restrictive and fastest network.
  • BREN-UCSB - use this with your UCSBnetID if you don't have a Bren Account.
  • BREN-GUEST - use this, if you don't have a Bren windows/domain account or UCSBnetID. Guest accounts need to be requested in advance.


Important Antivirus / Java Requirements:

Due to limitations at UCSB, we have all of our wifi devices behind a firewall.  One problem with this, is that if one of the 200+ wifi devices that are often connected has malware or a virus and the campus network security detect one host misbehaving, our entire wifi network gets shutdown until we remove that one device from the network.  Identifying that device can be difficult, and may create an outage that lasts more than a day.  As a result, we require that windows PCs have anti-virus software to help prevent this. 

For Windows PC users our WiFi networks require that you have antivirus software installed on your computer as well as the latest version of 32-bit Java.  The antivirus compliance is done by our wifi vendor - Cisco Meraki,  the access sheet on this is @

Even if your computer has a 64-bit operation system, most browsers run in 32-bit mode so you want to download and install the 32-bit version of Java for this reason.

Java is used to allow our WiFi access points to detect if you have a valid antivirus software installed or not and grant you access appropriately.

This antivirus detection only works in Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Chrome, Edge Browser, and Internet Explorer 64-bit will likely not work.

You may need to enable the Java plugin from within your browser and / or allow the Java scanning application to run. 

When you connect to a Bren WiFi network and try navigate to a webpage you will be automatically forwarded to the antivirus scanning webpage and the scan will initiate / asked to be run.

Visitors and Accounts

If you are visiting Bren, and need access to the Internet, please ask your sponsor (faculty, staff)  to request a BREN-GUEST wifi account for you.  Due to UCSB network security rules, we cannot provide one account that everyone uses. If there is a large group of visitors, we will give the sponsor a spreadsheet of accounts and passwords.  The sponsor has the requirement to record the name and email of the person given each account and provided to the compute team.



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