Are there study spaces in the UCSB Library?

Yes! The library is a short 4 minute walk from Bren Hall.

This is an email sent from the Library on March 7, 2016



The UCSB Library now has a variety of study and meeting spaces available to faculty, graduate students, and staff:




A dedicated, quiet reading room exclusively for UCSB faculty, researchers, and lecturers is located on the 1st floor, Mountain Side (near Current Serials) in Room 1520A. The room is equipped with wireless Internet and features desks and lounge seating options, as well as a small enclosed room meant to facilitate faculty discussion and collaboration. The Faculty Study may not be used as instructional space and cannot be reserved.


To access the room, swipe your UCSB Access Card at the door. You must have the latest generation of Access ID, with the UCSB seal and a series of numbers along the bottom right of the back of the card. To obtain or upgrade an Access ID card, please contact your department; the Library does not issue or control Access ID cards.

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Three quiet study rooms in the UCSB Library are just for graduate students. The newest room is on the 2nd floor, Mountain Side (Room 2504). This space is accessible using a current UCSB Access ID Card. The other two rooms are located in the Ocean Side of the Library, on the 2nd floor (Room 2582B) and 8th floor (Room 8503). You must check out a key to use these rooms; bring your Access ID Card to the Services Desk to check out a key. Please note that these rooms are for quiet study only.


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Group Study Rooms are primarily intended for students engaged in collaborative study and projects, but are also available for occasional use by faculty and staff. Group Study Rooms are for use by groups of 2 or more; they can accommodate from 4-10 people, depending on the size of the room. Group Study Rooms can be booked for 2 hours/day up to 2 weeks in advance directly through an online reservation system.

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Two rooms are now available for occasional meeting and special-event bookings by representatives of UCSB departments and offices: The Sunrise Room 1560 and Instruction & Training Room 1312. These rooms are not available for standing meetings or as classrooms. The Library does not charge fees for use of these rooms, but will collect a recharge account number at the time of booking to cover damages or custodial service costs, as required. Reservation requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks ahead and at most 2 months in advance via an online form, and are subject to review.


More information and to reserve:


Please note:


  • The Music Library also remains open and fully functioning in the Music Building complex, on the 2nd floor of what was formerly the Arts Library. The Music Library has specialized facilities including seminar rooms, a score reading room, and listening and viewing facilities. See





And there is a Research Collaboratory with computers and software you might use including STATA, ArcGIS, Photoshop and more - 

please see -

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