Remote Desktop from ChromeOS Outside of UCSB

Getting ChromeOS / Chromebook  to connect to the remote desktop servers when you are away from Bren is a little trickier than a Windows or Mac PC, however it is possible with some extra steps.

Step 1) Contact the Bren Compute Team to have your Bren computer account enabled for SSH Tunneling.

Step 2) Install "Chrome RDP" and "Secure Shell" extensions for ChromeOS

Step 3) Run the Secure Shell Extension / Application:

Enter "yourbrenusername@" in the field for "username@hostname or free form text" enter (this will populate the username and hostname field below automatically).

Enter "22" in the field for "port".

Enter "-L 3391:" in the field "extra command line arguments"

Step 4) Click on "[ENTER] Connect"

Step 5) Type "YES" if asked to accept the machines identity

Step 6) When asked for your password type your Bren computer account password, you should now be connected to the SSH Tunnel.

Step 7) Open "Chrome RDP"

Step 8) Under "Options -> Advanced" check the box for "Allow SSH Tunneling" then close the options dialog box.

Step 9) Enter "" in the field "Enter the computer name or address to connect to:" 

Step 10) Click "Connect"

Step 11) If prompted enter "ESM" for domain, your Bren username for username, and Bren password for password.

Step 12) Close the Chrome RDP and Secure Shell windows when done.

Step 13) When wanting to connect again the Secure Shell fields should retain the info you entered previously, so it is just a matter of opening Secure Shell and clicking Connect, entering your password, then opening Chrome RDP and clicking Connect.

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