I'm a visitor to UCSB and Bren, what do I need?

Welcome to UCSB and the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management! As a guest there are a number of items you need to acquire(Accounts, keys, electronic access cards, parking, other memberships you might choose).   Some visitors come through different research units @ UCSB (NCEAS, MSI, ERI) and that department might provide some of the UCSB accounts for you. We'll help you through it as much as we can.

At Bren, depending upon the request by your sponsor, we can create one or more computer accounts for you.

  • Bren Account (wifi, windows desktops, printing)
  • Bren Guest WiFi account (you won't need this if you have the Bren Account)
  • UCSBnetID (though your sponsor department might set this up)

Your initial contact at Bren will be Dee White (room 2400 - deans suite). She will give you an orientation, a key, show you your office space and give you a tour.   The Compute Team has offices in the Office Wing 3516, and Lab Wing 3045.   You may have to meet with Onella Gayraud who handles personnel.  Dee may give you an "Academic Affiliate" signed note, which you can use at locations such as Parking, UCEN (access card), RecCen to enable you to get other services at UCSB.  

You might also need a UCSB Access card (primarily for off hours access to the lab section of the building).  We can help direct you on this process.  The Access card has a one time cost associated of $25 and is generally paid for by yourself, in some cases your sponsor will cover the fee. 

Access Card - 

information about building access and getting the card

Bren Physical Access - 

You'll need a physical key for the door to the office you'll be working in. If you have an office or work in a lab in the "Lab Wing" of the building and you'll be here occasional outside of business hours (M-F (8-5), you'll need an Access Card, and we'll have to enable access to the specific floors you'll use.

There are two elevators @ Bren, and 3 sets of stairs. The building has an "office wing" and a "lab wing".

Computing Access -

To use the computing resources at Bren you will need a Bren Desktop account (Desktop login, WiFi, printing, File sharing). 

If you didn't fill out the visitor form and ask for computing access, you might need to fill out  the "Computer Account Request Form (CARF)" here or see Dee White at our front desk.  Make sure you click submit when filling out the online form after you have printed a copy. 

We have a few centralized printers @ Bren, which with your Bren Account you'll be able to print to. 



Other Common resources some visitors may ask for

UCSBnetID - is the UCSB online id, that provides access to many services at UCSB

UCSB Library access- 

You might need both a UCSBnetID and an Access Card.

Library Cards

UCSB Recreational Center -  (* membership you would have to pay for)

The reccen at UCSB is a great facility. It has basketball courts, cardio equipment in at least 3 facilities, two pools, a jacuzzi, an indoor rock climbing gym, rowing machines, plenty of weight machines and free weights.   There are also tennis courts, outdoor basketball and artificial turf playing fields. 

Rec Cen Registration

Parking - (* you'll have to pay for a parking permit)

A campus map can be viewed at this link - http://www.aw.id.ucsb.edu/maps/  Bren Hall is in the middle to the west by the ocean.  If you park, you'll probably use lots 10, 1 or 6.  Lot 6 is by the ocean and provides a nice walk to Bren Hall.  Lot 10 is a multi-story parking garage.  Lot 1 is right behind Bren Hall, but has limited parking and fills up by 8am.  Depending upon your parking sticker, you will either have a "Faculty, Staff or general parking sticker".  If you are an academic affiliate, you might get a Faculty sticker which provides access to the most parking spots. 

* bicycling can be a great option, there are many bicycle paths on the way to UCSB

As a short term visitor, if you are going to be driving, you have two options, park in a coastal access spot for 4 hours ($8) and then move the car to another coast access lot for another 4 hours ($8), or park in a visitor lot (further away from Bren) for a cost of $8 a day, or $56 for 30 days.  You can buy a day permit at a machine in the parking lot, or a 30 day pass from the parking services department. 

For your first day visit, you might choose to park in the more expensive, but convenient coastal access lot (lot 10 or 6 are close to Bren.)  Just make sure you don't leave your car there for more than 4 hours as you will get a ticket. 

visitor short term (by the day)

long term parking rates (30 days)

parking map - click over where i can park for animation

UCSB Visitor Parking 


Email Accounts -  

We normally do not create "UCSB" email accounts for visitors.   The email account at UCSB is a Google Email account, branded Connect at UCSB.  If you had a Connect account and UCSB email address when you left UCSB this account would be deleted,  thus all your contacts via that email would then see "bounces" when they sent you email.   We can create an "alias" so you can receive email @  USERNAME@bren.ucsb.edu, this could persist after you left,  with this your sending address is still your own.  If for some reason you have a requirement for a UCSB email address, please discuss this with the Compute Team, and we will then consult with your sponsor at Bren for approval.



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