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UCSB E-Mail Use Policies Update, December 2000

DATE: December 28, 2000

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Meta Clow, Campus Policy Coordinator

RE: Adoption of UC Electronic Communications Policy

The University Electronic Communications Policy has been adopted. Effective November 17, 2000, the new policy supersedes the 1998 University Electronic Mail Policy and Business and Finance Bulletin IS-6, Campus Communications Guidelines.

The Electronic Communications Policy was developed by a Task Force comprised of members from each campus, the Office of the President, and the Academic Council. Comments were solicited from all members of the campus community on two policy drafts. The final document is very responsive to the comments our campus provided.

The new policy reflects a fine balance between providing campuses with guidelines that will assure general consistency within the UC system, with the recognition that campuses are unique and require some flexibility in administering their operations. The revision maintains the appropriate balance between individual privacy rights and the legitimate needs of the University. I encourage all members of the campus community to become familiar with the policy's precepts.

The Electronic Communications Policy is accessible on the Web at:

The next step is to write implementing guidelines for the policy. Until these guidelines have been created, reviewed, and adopted the principles and processes outlined in UCSB's Implementing Guidelines for Electronic Mail shall be applied to Electronic Communications. These guidelines are accessible on the Web at:

If you have questions or prefer a paper copy of the new policy or the guidelines, please contact me at extension 4212 or by email at:


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