How do I install Santa Rosa (CrashPlan)?

If you are going to use Bren's endpoint backup solution (for laptops, home machines, tablets, phones, some desktops @ UCSB), the following instructions will help.

You should have been given account information.

4 steps -

1. Login

2. Download and Install the sofware

If this gives you a prompt to install software, click on the crashplan icon, then the platform (win, mac, linux).  If you didn't see this, then:

  • Click on Devices
  • Click on Add a New Device
  • Select your platform and download software (win 32, win 64, mac, linux)

Install the software:

Double click software just downloaded, click next (select everybody, accept license terms, choose default install location) click Install and continue answering the questions until its installed.

Log in to the crashplan application (it should have started) by clicking on the existing account option and entering your crashplan username,  and password. For the PROe Server address, enter :

3. Configure and start

With the application running, it should have preselected your home folder. At this point,you can click the "start backup" on the CrashPlan Cloud Storage Destination. (you can exclude some folders if you want)

4. Optionally change your password

Login to the portal, click on "My Profile", Click the gear icon in the upper right, click edit, change your password and click "update user".  You can also change the password via the crashplan application. 


Additional Notes -

  1. If you want, you can optionally exclude some folders from the backup
  2. If you want to be a power user, you can go into the "settings" and change the default settings. 
  3. The first time backup takes a while, it could take days to weeks.
  4. Crashplan will continue to run whether you are logged in or not. 
  5. Crashplan will backup files you've modified recently first. 
  6. We personally recommend that you backup your cloud storage folder in your home folder.
  7. On windows systems, the crashplan application can be launched via right click on the crashplan icon and "show application".  


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