Can I borrow a laptop for ESM 244?

In Winter 2016, due to increased enrollments a decision was made to teach ESM 244 labs in Bren 1414 requiring students to bring their own laptops.  The key software used would be R and R Studio.   On Dec 21, 2015 an email was sent out to the students letting them know of this requirement. 

There have been a small number of students requesting a loaner laptop due to old laptops, poorly working laptops or no laptops.

We have 3 recommendations  (Bren laptop loan, UCSB library loan, purchase inexpensive chromebook)


Bren laptop loan

We haven't had a laptop loan program, so we are working on creating one for winter 2016.  The Bren Compute team is trying to assemble a small 2-3 laptop loaner program for the quarter.  It will follow similar programs we've found.   Following is our initial strategy which we will evolve over time.


  1. Students must sign a liability form and acceptance of the program.
  2. Students will be financially responsible for lost/damaged laptops, or for fines associated with returning the laptop beyond the loan period (23 hours).
  3. We will have a variety of old and new laptops to loan.
  4. The laptops will either be a chromebook (which would be used to remote desktop to snoopy), or a windows pc (which would be used to remote desktop to snoopy or run R/R studio locally)
  5. All files on laptops will be deleted automatically on restart; Students must store their work on a USB drive or cloud storage.  If students are using Snoopy, files will be save to their H drive which is fine. 
  6. The period of the loan is 23 hours or less.
  7. Priorities of who gets a laptop will be determined by Sarah Garcia.
  8. You might have to plug in the power for some of our older laptops. 

In order to be guaranteed use of a Bren Laptop for ESM 244, you must be given priority assignment by Sarah Garcia.  You will also have to stop by Bren 3516 and sign a liability/program awareness form and request the dates/times you need to use it during the quarter.  

UCSB Library loan

The UCSB Library has a 4 hour laptop loaner program which you could use.  If you do this, we'd recommend you create a USB drive that has R and R Studio on it.  We can help with this if you choose to use this path.  Its a 5 minute walk to the Library from Bren, just go straight in and on the left will be the Service Desk where you would checkout the laptop. The web link for this is at



An option also might be for you to purchase an inexpensive chromebook and connect to Snoopy.  You can buy a chromebook for as little as $149.  They are very lightweight, generally long battery life.  More information @









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