I'm moving to the MSI building from Bren, how can the compute team help?

Some people from the Bren building (generally PHD students) might move back and forth from the Bren building to the MSI building.   In discussions with the compute team at MSI, we've come up with this strategy in supporting the moves.


If appropriate and approved, you can take your Bren desktop/monitor/keyboard/mouse/power cords with you to the MSI building.

We will do the following to your computer - 

  1. Ensure the operating system and core applications are up to date (windows update and ninite). 
  2. Remove the computer from the ESM domain.  (fog and remove from domain)
  3. Remove the sophos anti-virus
  4. Create a local account for you that has administrative credentials
  5. Give you instructions on how to access the Bren File services
  6. Give you the ethernet address for your computer
  7. record the machine service tag and description of monitor before being moved.

When you take the machine to MSI (we can help bring it over), their compute team will -

  1. Get the ethernet address and record it so your computer can be on their network
  2. Have you create an administrative account for the MSI compute team 
  3. Install anti-virus software managed by MSI (sophos)
  4. Provide you with instructions on how to get help @ the MSI building

If you come back to bren with your computer, we will ask you to ensure all your data is backed up, and we will most likely re-image your machine with new software and deploy you a new software image on your computer. 

If you need to access the file server @ bren, you'd connect to \\babylon.bren.ucsb.edu

with the username ESM\YOURBRENDESKTOPACCOUNT  and password.


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