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In 2016, UCSB purchased a site license for Zoom.   We believe Zoom is better, easier to use that the competition (gotomeeting, skype, skype for business, blue jeans, uberconference, ....)  

To use Zoom, just login to https://ucsb.zoom.us

There is additional documentation at that site. 

There are clients for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, your android and ios mobile devices.




Following is an outdated note, of information when we started using Zoom.


In late 2015, Bren is exploring adding a new conferencing product from a Company called Zoom.  Currently, the Bren community often will use Skype, GotoMeeting or other conferencing software.  Conferencing software can be used in a conference room, office, laptop.  Conferencing software can be used to join a group of people at one table to one or more remote locations. 

Key things you can do with Zoom or other conferencing software -

  • Easily create a conference with audio and video
  • create an audio only conference
  • Audio can be through computer or phone
  • Screen sharing from any participant
  • Annotation of the shared screen by any participant
  • Ability to record the session
  • Video conferencing showing "faces" from the cameras and possibly simultaneous screen sharing.
  • Ability to share the desktop or an individual window.
  • Multi-platform - MAC, PC, phone, tablet (iphone,ipad, android)

Common use cases might include - 

  1. A group in a conference room like the visitor center collaborating with one or more remote people or groups.
  2. An impromptu conference of all students in a group project where each person is at their own home.
  3. A study session with two students doing a screen share and using audio over the computer. 
  4. A person wanting to collaborate with another on a work document, where both can see the work document and comment via voice. 

Currently, Bren has 20 "pro" accounts and can create an unlimited basic accounts (limit to 40 minutes per call).

  1. Our goals/questions during this exploration include -
  2. Do we need a better/different tool than Skype, gotomeeting
  3. If this tool is available for all, will it be used to justify the expense
  4. Can we allocate a "pro" account to one person in the group project and still benefit?
  5. Can we enhance one or more of our conference rooms with better technology?
  6. Is Zoom easier to use for the meeting scheduler and the participants? 


Our strategic goals include - 

Provide high quality collaboration tools and environments for the Bren Community

Partner with other campus groups for a possible site license which would significantly lower the cost of the license

Always evolve and improve our services (new software, new cameras, new voice systems)


Resources - 

Zoom Support Center - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

Bren Support - send email to compute@bren.ucsb.edu


Problems and Solutions -

If a remote person is trying to connect and their audio quality is poor, they can connect via a phone # that is is provided on the invitation.  Another option might be for the person to "mute" their video and see if the audio improves. 



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