When should I use my Bren Desktop account? When should I use my UCSBnetID?

As a Bren community member you have a number of computer accounts (sorry).  UCSB has a campus wide account called the UCSBnetID.  The UCSBnetID is used for many campus services.  We create a Bren account for you to access IT Services at Bren Hall.   These Bren accounts allow us to create and enhance specialized services for the Bren community. 

Your Bren Desktop Account - 

  1. Logging into the computers in Bren Hall
  2. Remote access to the Terminal Servers
  3. WIFI @ Bren Hall - use BREN
  4. printing from your laptop on a Bren printer

Your UCSBnetID account - 

  1. GauchoSpace (UCSBnetID)
  2. Google Calendar   (UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu)
  3. Google Email/Drive/...  (UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu)
  4. Gold (UCSBnetID
  5. UCSB Wireless (UCSBnetID)
  6. Eduroam Wireless (UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu)
  7. UCSB VPN Services (UCSBnetID)
  8. UCSB Student Email: U-Mail (UCSBnetID@umail.ucsb.edu)
  9. WIFI @ Bren Hall - (UCSBnetID) use BREN-UCSBNETID
  10. Library Proxy - (UCSBnetID)


For example, if your name is Joe Gaucho, you would have a bren acccount of "jgaucho" and possibly a UCSBnetID of "joegaucho", following are the usernames you would use on a login screen -

  1. GMAIL (https://gmail.com)  - joegaucho@ucsb.edu
  2. Google Calendar - joegaucho@ucsb.edu
  3. Googe Drive - joegaucho@ucsb.edu
  4. Bren Desktop - jgaucho
  5. Snoopy(remote desktop) - jgaucho
  6. Bren Wifi - jgaucho




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