What steps are done when a group project machine gets a new image?

Sometimes a group project machine, might need updated software.  We generally deploy these images in June, but we might re-image all the SCF and GIS machines in late summer with new software versions.  In this case, the machines might have older software.

If you have a group project machine and want the base image updated, you need to consult with all your other team members. 

The steps we will go through include -

  1. Audit the machine for software installations via logging in, dameware or spiceworks
  2. Possibly discuss with the user software they might have to reinstall ( any software installed by the data manager will have to be re-installed).
  3. Remove the existing harddrive
  4. Install a harddrive with the current image
  5. Run through our steps to get the machine named properly (using fog)
  6. Perform any needed OS updates, application updates, create the data manager account and set the password.
  7. Ensure Adobe CS is installed 
  8. Ensure Sophos anti-virus is installed 
  9. Install any additional software the compute team might have installed.

This process might take up to an hour.  We will put a sign on the machine, saying it is being worked on (as sometimes we are working on it remotely).


The technical steps we go through include:

  • Patch operating system
  • Run ninite update - updates all software packages
  • Install Sophos Anti-virus from console
  • extend local disk drive partition script/diskextend
  • verifying and possibly updating the BIOS on your computer 
  • setting the screen resolution properly on your computer
  • moving any 2nd hard drive if you have one
  • create a data manager account - (groupproject_admin) 





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