What do I need to do to get into the building/computer labs after hours?

You will need to first purchase a Color Access Card which are available at the Student Information desk on the second floor of the UCEN.  Information on the UCSB Access is card is @


If you aren't a student, please read the section below titled "EMPLOYEE".

After you have your color access card you can then request building access through an online enrollment form located here -




After you fill out the form, we will complete the registration within two business days, once you have been given access we will send an email to your uMail account notifying you. You will then be able to use your Access card to gain access to the North and South elevators as well as GIS, SCF and Student Commons. The Elevators do not require the use of a pin code, the GIS, SCF and Student Commons do. For elevator access hold your card to the keypad until it reads your card and beeps, then you can select the 3L floor / button. Gaining access to the computing facilities is similar but after the beep you enter the pin code that was listed on your username / password document you received at student orientation.




If you are an employee or a guest, you'll need to fill out a form located @


If you can't find the link for the "Access Card Recharge Form", you might be able to get it from this link - http://www.ucen.ucsb.edu/sites/www.ucen.ucsb.edu/files/AccessCardApplication.pdf

You may need assistance filling out or getting approval from your department.  After the form is filled out, you can take it to the Ucen.  The Access card costs about $20.  You will pay this fee or you might be able to request that your department/sponsor pay the fee. 


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