What is the endpoint backup service called Santa Rosa?

In January 2016, we are starting a new service called "Santa Rosa", a backup service for laptops and desktops.  Our initial target group will be a subset of faculty. We will extend this service to all faculty if the people in our pilot are happy with the service. After we add all the faculty, we may chose to expand this service to include others. 


Bren provides file services as one of the compute services.  These files are backed up daily.  In general, on a Bren Windows desktop, all files get saved on the file server.  Few files get stored on the local desktop.

Many in the Bren community don't have a Bren windows desktop, but a MAC, or a laptop.  On these machines, the person may store important files on the hard drive of that computer.   These files are not backed up by the Bren File Server backup.

Its important to have backups for your files. Its important to backup files you have on cloud storage.  If you have a laptop, or a computer at home, you really need to have a backup strategy.   Santa Rosa is a service to help address this need.

Key aspects of Bren "Santa Rosa" endpoint backup services

  1. Uses the commercial service Crashplan
  2. Provides the ability for each user to backup up to four devices
  3. Devices can include mac, pc.
  4. You can backup an unlimited amount of storage on those machine (though the initial backup will be slow)
  5. Storage will be on the Crashplan servers in the cloud
  6. Backups and Restores can be done via Self Serve
  7. The Bren Compute team will create and manage the accounts and provide support for this service.


Use Case - 

A faculty member has a desktop @ Bren, a laptop and a desktop at home.  This faculty member can install "Santa Rosa/crashplan" on the laptop and home desktop. Files will automatically be backed up to the cloud.  If this person has cloudfiles on the laptop or home desktop, if selected, these cloud files will also be backed up (a really good thing). 


FAQs - 

If you are using a CLOUD file service such as Dropbox, and sync to multiple computers, you might wonder why you need a backup,  the following two links should explain why:

top 3 iron clad reasons ...

comparing cloud storage to cloud backup 


If you leave UCSB/Bren, what happens to your Crashplan account?  We will keep it running for a year, for you to migrate to something new.   



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