When I buy a laptop, what software can you install on it?

If UCSB purchases a computer for you, we can assist with installing site license software, and free software.

Software Items often include -


  • Office - you tell us which version, we'll generally install the most recent
  • UCSB VPN Software - 
  • Remote Desktop -
  • Laptop Backup Services (for faculty) - crashplan: Bren Branding: Santa Rosa
  • Anti Virus - Sophos - through our campus site license
  • Classic SHell for windows 10

Other items might include -

  • R/R studio 

Software that needs to be purchased by your funding source -

  • MATLAB -
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Other Statistics programs

The following utilities may be installed (using Niniteone) -

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • 7-zip
  • Notepad++
  • Classic Start
  • VLC
  • Thunderbird
  • Acrobat Reader

We will generally create a "local_admin" account for us to do administrative work on it unless you ask us not to.  We might remove some "bloatware" that comes with a PC.  We will also fully patch the laptop before giving to you.  We may have to remove pre-installed versions of "trial softtware" like anti-virus, office. 





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