Adding Bren Printers to your wireless laptop

*You need a Bren account to add a printer* 


Apple directions

1) Search "printers and scanners" in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2) In the "Printers and Scanners" window, click on "+" to add a printer.

3) In the "Add" window, right click on the top toolbar and select "customize toolbar". Drag "Advanced"(icon looks like a gear) up so that it becomes part of the toolbar. Once you have done this click on "Advanced" to open it.

4) In the new window, select "windows printer via spoolss" in "Type" box.

5) On the "Url:" row, enter "smb://" (you can change "penguin" to any other printer name that you might want to add).

6) On the "Name: row enter a name to help you identify the printer (like penguin)

6) On the "Use:" row, Select generic postscript printer (or if you know the model of the printer and have the driver feel free to use that). Models of the printers are listed here

7) Once your information is entered, click "add" and the new printer should show up as a printing option.

 8) Once you send a print job a window will pop up and ask you for your username and password, however make sure you put esm\ in front of your username (ex. esm\username)


Windows directions

1) Once you are connected to the wireless, click on start ->run(start "search programs and files") type \\\penguin in the box and hit "ok" (you can replace "penguin" with the name of another printer if you need a different one).

2) A window will pop up and ask you for your username and password however put esm\ in front of your username (ex. esm\username)

3) At this point your printer of choice should be added.

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