Students - Scheduling rooms using Google Calendar

Bren students can directly schedule the following three rooms: Bonsai (4402), Visitor Center, Manzanita (4024).

All other rooms are reserved by emailing scheduling staff at

Click here to watch a 5 minute training video on using Google Calendar covering the instructions below.

Viewing the Schedules

You can view the schedules of the rooms two ways: Web and Google Calendar.  You must be logged in to Google Calendar; the web links may be more convenient. 

Web - Bonsai | Visitor Center | Manzanita

Google Calendar (add them to your calendar first) -

  1. Login to with (
  2. On Other calendars, click the down arrow (right)-> Browse Interesting Calendars -> More -> Resources for -> expand bren -> expand bren-rm -> click subscribe on bren-rm-bonsai, bren-rm-visitorcenter, bren-rm-manzanita4024
  3. Click on the UC Santa Barbara link at the top left
  4. You'll now see your calendar and all the rooms;  You can turn on/off viewing the rooms on your calendar by clicking on them. 
  5. You might need to change the colors on the rooms if they are similar to another calendar color you have.

Scheduling Bonsai, Visitor Center or Manzanita

** Please remember, all other rooms are reserved by emailing scheduling staff at

  1. First view the calendar of the room (bonsai, visitor center or manzanita) to find a time you think will work. 
  2. Create a calendar event on your calendar, label it with your group project name or other identifier that will help identify the group meeting, suffix the event with your last name:  Oceans GP (Miley)
  3. Add Guests by searching their first and last names.  
  4. Add the room  by clicking on "Rooms,etc.",  type in bren-rm-b for Bonsai and click Add,  if it doesn't appear it might be busy for the time you selected.  You can uncheck the "Show only available".
  5. Click "Find a time" to make sure you have a time that is open for all
  6. Click Save 
  7. Click the Send or Don't Send depending upon your preference (you'll generally send)




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