Google Calendar Migration Problems

Following are a number of concerns/problems/situations that we've encountered after the migration to Google Calendar.  Many of these came from discussions with Faculty and Staff.  We will be investigating solutions or alternatives for the issues identified. 



  1. Bren Scheduling account didn't migrate properly 
  2. The "Created By" field for some events got recorded incorrectly.
  3. Some of our faculty have "calendar only" accounts.  Our MESM students have calendar only accounts.  This will cause some confusion.   Using just the "" will help prevent problems. 
  4. Tasks didn't make it across to google calendar.

Non-intutitive/ undesirable behavior

  1. If I add an event "Lunch", and invite "Joe Gaucho", when I look at "Joe Gaucho" calendar, I just see that time slot as busy, since its my event, I would like to see that detail.  Right now, if you look at both my calendar and "Joe Gaucho", I'll see the two boxes lined up, but for "Joe Gaucho" it just says busy.  I don't really know that it is the same one.  In Corporate time, you'd see the detail (not just busy).
  2. Google Calendar web page doesn't refresh automatically, thus if someone added an event to my calendar, it won't show up unless I do a "More -> refresh".   
  3. Adding a person, searching for there name, there might be 3 or 4 of them. We want to select the one, but sometimes there are two.  How do you know which to choose?  Is there anyway that list can be filtered to just the correct ones? 
  4. If I create an event, and people respond if they are attending, I get an email. This is frustrating when there are lots of people added to the event.  Is there anyway to configure the event so that emails aren't sent back to originator.  (TO FIX - Under your calendar (My calendars -> (you) -> down arrow menu ->edit notifications) ,  uncheck email under event responses and save))  

I need help with ...

  1. I use the Mac icalendar application, how can I bring in my UCSB Google Calendar
  2. I use shared google calendars with colleagues outside of UCSB, how can I get those calendar events to appear on my calendar.
  3. If I use the MAC Icalendar, how do I invite people to an event? I can't look them up easily like I can in the web application.

Things we need to do 

  1. tighten access on who can schedule the different resources
  2. remove some of the unneeded resources
  3. create a few specialized training videos on how to schedule resource/rooms
  4. add the deckers deck resource
  5. Help provide training on how faculty can add their courses times to their calendar efficiently with the repeat function.

 Tips for future videos 

 I want to put my "UCSB business" activities on my calendar in one color, but other things such as collaborative research in another color, so I can easily see the difference.  You can do this, by having your default events be one color, and changing the "other events" to a different color when you create the event.  This may prevent the need to create a 2nd personal calendar which only you can see. (Credit - Ben H.)

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