Bren File Storage Options

There are four primary storage bases that are available to students at Bren. We recommend that students explore the following options before deciding where their files will be saved. Some are specifically great for group collaborations and others for personal file storage.

Bren file server- H-Drive:

The H-Drive is your personal folder of files that can be accessed from any Bren desktop. Only you are able to access your own folder, but the entire storage unit holds everyone's files (at Bren). This means that if there are only 10GB of storage space left, that is space for everyone with access to the H-Drive to use. To get access to your files from an outside computer, you could log in using terminal servers (woodstock and snoopy). This is a good option for file storage if you do the majority of your work at Bren on the desktops. This is also a very secure way of storing data as it is backed up daily by the school.

Bren file server- G-Drive:

The G-Drive is similar to the H-Drive because it is also a network drive that is only accessible from Bren desktops. The difference is that a folder on this drive can be accessed by multiple people, not only yourself. This is very useful during 2nd year group projects when students need to collaborate and store all of there files in a combined folder. Students can select who they want to be able to access this file and it cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the group. This is a very secure way for students to to save their data.

Box cloud storage:

Box is a great cloud storage service to store files and edit existing ones. This can be accessed anywhere and students are able to share their files with others. Students can create folders and invite people to add documents and collaborate in that folder. Students are also able to create a box note where they can invite others to work on it simultaneously. This is a great platform for collaboration and getting feedback. Box makes it very simple to upload and drag and drop documents from your desktop. Students can also open documents in Box and edit them on Word Online. Box saves any drafts that have edits and will create multiple versions of your document so you can choose which one is your final draft. Box is very useful for real-time editing and collaborating, as well as uploading and organizing documents. Here you can see the eleven things you need to know about box if you would like to know more. If you are interested in using box, here are the 5 skills you need to get started. To access Box, login with your UCSBnetID and password.

Google Drive cloud storage: Google Drive

Google Drive is very similar to Box because it can be easily accessed from anywhere in and outside of Bren. Google Drive is great for personal file storage along with group collaboration and organization of files in one place. Google Drive allows you to share documents with others and will show you when they are accessing it and who is adding what to the document. Students are able to edit and add comments to documents that are shared with them. On google drive you can create new documents, slideshows, and sheets (excel). This is a better site to use if you are not set on Word or another format, as it is encouraged to create new documents in the Google Drive itself. To access Google Drive, just login with your

Google Team Drive:

Unlike your personal Drive, the Team drive (and the files in it) belongs to everyone in the "team". This ensure that even if someone is to leave the group, all of the files they have previously uploaded to the drive will stay where they are for the group to access. Members can set specific permissions to members of the team which can restrict certain members from editing or viewing files. More information on getting started and creating Team Drives can be found here. The Bren Compute Team can create team folders on request.

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