What things (digital) should be done when an employee leaves?

When an employee leaves, you want to help manage their "offboarding" properly.   We recommend you at least do the following -


Meet with the Employee and review (with their permission):

Bren Desktop / File Server

Have they stored any files on their H Drive that should be copied to a departmental share?  If so, sit with the employee and help them move those files to the proper place.

Box Cloud Storage: 

  • Review the files they have stored on Box.  Any files that are local to the user and not in a share should be audited and moved to a departmental share, or shared folder owned by the manager.
  • Remove this employee from any Box Shares

Google Drive - 

  • Review the files they have stored on their UCSB Google Drive account.  Do the same as you did for the Box files and Bren File Server files.
  • Remove the user from any Google Groups or Shares that are used in your unit.

Email Lists -

If you have managed any email lists they are a member of, remove them from those lists.  At UCSB, users might be on a "Sympa" email list, or a Google Group.  If they are on any lists that the compute team manage, send in a help ticket.

Emails - 

This can be tricky if the person is moving to a different department on campus, as they "probably" will be keeping their email account.   But ...

  • If they are leaving the University,  negotiate with the employee a "vacation message" to send on all emails notifying the sender who to contact.  
  • You might also audit the messages with the employee to review any "open issues/work" that the manager might need to know about. 
  • After they are removed from Payroll, their Google account gets separated from UCSB identity, but they can still login.  Ask the compute team to close the account/change the password after their last date.


  • If they are staying with the University, consider a "vacation message" that lasts a week or two, or use an advanced feature where "canned responses" could be sent only to messages sent to their departmental address ** see https://www.southdreamz.com/technical/gmail-auto-reply-using-gmail-canned-responses/ for more info.
  • At some point, which you negotiate with the employee, have the compute team remove the bren departmental address for the employee who left.


There are other offboarding processes you will need to do with the personal unit, including getting their keys. Please contact the compute team to remove any building access via the access card.




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