If I've forwarded my U-Mail to my UCSB/Google account, can i reply to U-Mail messages with my U-Mail address?

Yes, you can!  This assumes you are forwarding your UCSB Umail to your UCSB Connect/Gmail account.

Your UCSB Google account is branded as "Connect".  

Do the following -

  • Login to your U-Mail account @ https://umail.ucsb.edu  UCSBnetID@umail.ucsb.edu (this is office 365).
  • Login to your UCSB Gmail/Connect account - https://gmail.com with UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu
  • From your Gmail/Connect Account go to Gear Icon (upper right) -> Settings -> Accounts 
  • Add another email address (UCSBnetID@umail.ucsb.edu) and check the treat as an alias checkbox.
  • Click Next Step
  • Click Send Verification
  • Wait a minute or two
  • Go to your Office 365 account, refresh your email, find and click the verification link in the email message.
  • Go back to your Connect/Gmail Account in "Settings -> Accounts" and make sure in the section "When replying to a message:"  it is set to "Reply from the same address the message was sent to"


If you want to test this, you can send a message to your U-Mail account from your personal email, then read it and reply from your Google Account.  MEssages forwarded from U-Mail to Google might take an extra few minutes. 



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