Welcome MESM 2017- please read before orientation

Welcome to the 2017 school year at the Bren School! This is a guide to help you get started and give you access to different approaches to solving all of your computing inquiries. The Compute Team is located in rooms 3516 and 3045 if you need extra help beyond our provided knowledge base. You can also email compute@bren.ucsb.edu with any further questions. You can use the Bren Knowledge Base to get help with any information not listen below: Bren Knowledge Base

After browsing through this document you should make sure you can check off everything from the following list of "need to knows" as an incoming Bren student.

  • [ ] Memorize your Bren desktop password
  • [ ] Forward your U-Mail to your Connect account
  • [ ] Know who to contact with questions and concerns- or where to look before doing so
  • [ ] Printing fees and BARC charges

Compute Team- who to address your emails to: (help tickets should be sent to compute@bren.ucsb.edu)

Steve Miley – Director of IT
Brad Hill – Manager of Desktop Support
Geoff Jewel – Help Desk Manager

Usernames and Passwords:

Your personal Bren username and password is assigned and may NOT be changed. Generally, your username will be the first initial of your first name followed by your last name. It is crucial that you keep your password in a safe place, separate from your username, until you have memorized it. NEVER send your password via email and we will never ask you for it. Remember to NEVER share your password with anyone.


The Bren School labs are open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. You can be granted 24 hour access via access card and with security codes. You will have to get your color access card along with filling out a form before you will be able to have after hour lab access. This video will go over Hours/Security procedures: Security and Lab Access

Other security information:

Email Accounts:

In the fall, we will have a U-Mail account set up for you along with a Connect/Gmail account. We highly recommend that you forward your U-Mail to your Connect account: Forwarding U-Mail to Connect. Your Connect account will stay with you post graduation. 


At the start of the academic year, MESM students are credited $30 for printing fees. In the Spring, when students are assigned group projects (2nd year students), your group will be credited an extra $200 for printing. Here is a video explaining further: Printing at Bren


  • Black and white prints- $0.03 per side
  • Color prints- $0.20 per side

Other printing procedures:

Here is a video that will give you advice on scanning to your email: Scanning to Email

Wireless Access:

Wireless access is available in most common areas, classrooms, and labs at Bren. Access points use the network name BREN and you can use your Bren desktop username and password to log on. You can also use the eduroam network, logging in with UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu. 

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