I'm graduating and leaving Bren, what do i need to do? Bren Computing and Beyond

Below we have compiled a list of deadlines and best practices for the graduating class of 2017. Please read over the following as you prepare to leave Bren and it's computing infrastructure behind.

If you aren't able to read this entire note, the two things that are most important are:

  1. Changing where your @bren.ucsb.edu email address forwards to.
  2. Getting a copy of your files on your H and G drives before you leave Bren.


Lab Access

  • After graduation after hours security access (card access to open elevator/computer labs) to Bren is removed.
  • You are welcome to use labs over the summer during business hours 8am-5pm, some labs may be closed for refurbishment but one compute lab will typically be open.

Computer Accounts

  • Accounts remain valid until 9/1/2017, until that date you can log into your account and use network resources as you currently do.
  • You are welcome to use the computing labs (SCF / GIS) when available (see previous section).
  • BREN Wireless will remain available through 9/1/2017 using your Bren username / password to authenticate.
  • Remote Desktop will remain available until 9/1/2017 if you need access to your account while away from Bren, you must use the campus VPN first before you can use Bren terminals servers.
  • Small print jobs are allowed (we will generally add $5 to cover any summer usage).
  • If you requested extra money in your print account, we will submit a BARC bill for that printing overage.

Account Data

  • Transferring your data from Bren will be much easier if done while you are still able to come into the labs. Depending on the amount of data a thumb drive or external hard drive are great options.
  • Make sure you have permission for any datasets you might take (in case you had NDA data on your group project etc.).
  • H: drive - left on server until 9/1/2017, then moved to an archived location until 9/1/2018, then permanently deleted.
  • If possible, please delete any large data-sets in your H or G drives that aren't needed any longer.

uMail Accounts

  • You retain access to your uMail account for 13 months after the end date of your last quarter.
  • We recommend you forward or transfer emails you wish to have for future use before your account expiry date.
  • Under some circumstances you can request an uMail account extesion.

Box/Google(Connect) Accounts

  • Right now, the policies on Box and Google Connect accounts for students aren't clearly documented. It would be best to treat them like your UCSBnetID or uMail account and be ready for them to go away after 13 months. It is probable that you will be able to convert your Box Account to a personal account. Contact help@collaborate.ucsb.edu for questions on Box.


  • After graduation converts to uMail only at the end of your graduating quarter.
  • A uMail only UCSBnetID will only work for accessing uMail, you won't be able to use campus wireless or access library resources etc.

Group Projects

  • Snapshots of your various group project websites will be taken for historic purposes and on the Bren website. This is to maintain availability of the information in case your original site becomes unavailable.
  • You will retain access to your G: drive through 9/1/2017. You can either use the computers in the labs, or our terminal server for access.  
  • After 9/1/2017, we will move your group project folders to an archived location.

Bren Email Address

  • We will change your @bren.ucsb.edu email address so that it no longer forwards to your uMail email address. We ask that you provide a forwarding email address of your choice using the form below:
  • Link to form to request forwarding address change
  • Change takes effect 7/15/2017, on that date any email sent to your @bren.ucsb.edu email address will no longer be forwarded to your uMail or Connect email account and instead forwarded to the email address you provided.
  • If you do not provide a forwarding email address by 7/15/2017 emails sent to your @bren.ucsb.edu will be lost.

Continuing at Bren

  • If you are continuing at Bren let us know so we can transition or extend your account / building access and minimize interruption. (Examples: Becoming a PhD student, Working with a research group).
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