How do I get an email list for my group project?

We will create one for you in late April or early May.

With your group project, Bren has a requirement that your group project has an email list that can forward email to your entire group **explanation at bottom. Starting in 2017, we are using UCSB Google Groups for this service. For this page, I will use "Tejon Drones" as a group project example.

With this email list address, Bren Staff, your Faculty and PhD advisors, your clients and your team will have a single email address to send an email to the entire group.    You can optionally add people outside your MESM Group Project members to this list.   Each member can control how they receive emails sent to the list.  We encourage you to configure the list to archive messages so that if you delete messages in your personal email box, you can always review and retrieve them on the Google Groups website.

Working with Academic Programs, the compute team will request the creation of a Google Group for your email list.  The name will be   We will add two people in your group as managers for this group (generally a project manager and a data manager).   Those managers will add others as either members or managers and configure the list to meet your group project needs. 

Some of the basic steps a manager will do includes the following (after logging into with your

1. Add any other team members into the manager role (if they have the need to manage this Google Group).

2. Ensure all team members are added either as a manager or a member. 

3. Configure your list: recommended configuration of your list

  • Settings -> Email Options -> Subject Prefix  ->  [Bren Tejon Drones list]
  • Settings -> Email Options -> Moderattion ->  all unchecked
  • Settings -> Permissions -> Basic Permissions -> Post -> Public  ** required by academic programs
  • Settings -> Permissions -> Basic Permissions -> Join the Group -> Only Invited users
  • Settings -> Permissions -> Basic Permissions -> Allow members external to this organization -> Allow new users not in -> checked
  • Settings ->Information -> General Information -> Group Name ->  Bren Group Project 2018 Tejon Drones
  • Settings ->Information -> General Information -> Group Description -> Put in a brief description like "2017/2018 Masters Group Project - Communication internally between Faculty, Staff, and Clients'
  • Settings ->Information -> Directory -> List this group in the directory -> unchecked
  • Settings ->Information -> Content control -> Archive options -> Archive messages to the group -> checked

4. Starting using it by sending it emails

5. Have team members tune their personal settings (My Settings)  for this email list (primarily the "Email Delivery Preference"

6. If you want to send a message "in behalf of your group", you can do that via the web interface and create a "New Topic/Post" and change the "By" to your group.   


 More information can be found at the Google Groups Help Center


** explanation of the requirement:  Bren wants an easy and reliable way to contact all members of your group.  For that reason we require an email list address.   You may use additional communication methods with your team like Slack, Email, Zoom, texting and such.  We encourage you to utilize the email list to help facilitate communication and collaboration.




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