What do I need to know about video conferencing in the Bren Collaborative spaces?

Many of you will collaborate with others in our Bren spaces, either using the larger screen in the room or bringing in remote attendees to your meetings via a telephone call or some video conference software.
Video Conferencing 
There are many conferencing software solutions.  At Bren, we recommend using Zoom for a few reasons: UCSB has a site license, thus you have a "PRO" account.  Zoom has proven to work better than its competition (better audio, better video, easier setup, great screen sharing, good features like recording).  To use Zoom, go to https://ucsb.zoom.us. 
Other conferencing solutions include Skype, GotoMeeting, Blue Jeans, Uberconference, WebEx, Skype for business.   You are welcome to use these solutions, but the compute team support is limited.  We recommend you use this solution in the room you will be in a day or two before your conference, so that you know how to use the software to configure the audio and video. 
With "web conferencing" you can do 
  • audio only (including allowing someone to dial in via phone)
  • audio and camera 
  • audio, camera and screen sharing, along with annotation of the screen
With all of those, you can also record the session. 
As mentioned, if you need someone to call in via a telephone, you can do this two ways 
  • Create a Zoom meeting, which has a telephone number
  • borrow a polycom speakerphone for one of our rooms that supports telephones, and give your collaborator the phone # to call into. request a polycom via email to scheduling@bren.ucsb.edu
Rooms that have telephone lines include Bonsai, Visitor Center, 1520, 1510, 3526, and Dean's conference room.  You have to borrow a speakerphone for all rooms except for Bonsai.
1414, 1424, Manzanita do not have phone lines. 
TODO - Scheduling - please see this FAQ on scheduling rooms at Bren.  ** some rooms you must schedule via an email request to scheduling@bren.
Webinars - If you need to run a webinar (where lots of people will call in, but you don't want them to share their cameras or audio, please send an email to compute@bren.ucsb.edu to create a webinar zoom meeting.
In 3516, we have a number of video conferencing peripherals to loan for your meetings, if the room doesn't have all the peripherals you need.  Its best to reserve these items ahead of time. 
TODO Room Capabilities -  please see this link for a summary of room capabilities 
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