Printing in the Student Mail Room (Color and B&W)

March 2017 -

We've been moving toward trying to minimize our costs and waste with printing @ Bren over the last few years.   We've made some changes to the printers in the student mail room which we'll describe below -

In the student mail room, there is both a new Ricoh 3554 Multi Function Copier Printer Scanner, and a new Xerox 6655 Color Printer / Copier / Scanner. 

We've got the Ricoh setup as a Copier, Printer and Scan to email; the Xerox is just setup as a Printer right now.  

To save paper, we've added a print station; what this means is that when you print to the printers in the student mail room, the job won't print until you release the job either from your computer or at the print station in the Student Mail Room.    There are instructions at the print station and you can watch the video in this help document.  


Training Video -


Xerox Printer - Black and White - Print Queue - $0.06 a page -  Razorbill (\\print\razorbill)

Xerox Printer - Color Print Queue - $0.20 a page - WARBLER ( \\print\warbler ) 

Ricoh Printer - Black and White Print Queue - $0.03 a page - OREO ( \\print\oreo ) 

Printing to Oreo costs Bren the least.  

 A few more details - Many of our printers we've leased, and pay for maintenance and a cost per page.  This applies to the printers: (Kinko/Zebra , Monarch, Magpie/Comorant, Razorbill/Warbler, Skunk, Raven).   In fact, we just got a new printer from xerox, as one of the machines we had on maintenance was costing xerox too much to fix. The printers (Bluebird, penguin, rainbow) we cover all the costs of the printer (toner, imaging, maintenance in addition to paper and the original purchase cost). 


If you want to print cardstock to warbler, here is some information:

Media Handling
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder: Simplex: 13 to 32 lb. bond /
50 to 125 gsm; Duplex:16 to 32 lb. bond / 60 to 125 gsm; Bypass
Tray, Tray 1 and Optional Tray: Simplex: 16 lb. bond to 80 lb. cover
/ 60 to 220 gsm; Duplex: 16 to 43 lb. bond / 60 to 163 gsm
Media Types
Plain, Hole-punched, Letterhead, Lightweight Cardstock, Cardstock,
Recycled, Bond, Labels, Pre-printed, Envelopes, Custom




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