Can I print from my laptop?

Yes!  In January 2017, we upgraded our print management software to include a web printing feature. You can now upload files (PDF, word, excel, ppt) to a website and print on one of our many printers.  If you have a complicated print job, you might create a PDF from your application and then just upload the PDF.

Instructions -

  1. When connected to the Bren Wireless network (or Bren Wired network) go to the website
  2. Login with either your Bren Desktop account or your Print Only account.  Visitors will often have a print only account.  When you use the print only account, you will have to click the pull down for "Log on to" and set it to <Print Manager Plus>.
  3. Click the Print tab in the upper left
  4. Click "Select File To Upload" and find your file and select
  5. While the file is selected with the check box click "Next>" in the lower right
  6. Select the Printer you want to print to, and set the printer settings (Copies, pages per sheet, duplex options, color, page range, etc).  
  7. Click "Print Now"

If you are a visitor -

  • If you don't have a Bren Desktop account or Print only account, please stop by the Bren Compute team help desk (3516).

The printers currently supported include all printers on the 3rd floor lab wing for the students and cormorant (staff mail room).

Here is a video on the process.







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