I'm new at Bren, what do I need to know about computing?

Welcome to Bren and UCSB!  This document should highlight you to some key items you'll need to know about computing at Bren and UCSB.

First, you can always get help via sending an email to compute@bren.ucsb.edu, or stopping by 3516 (office wing) for help.  More information on our Mission Statement, Services and other ways to contact us @ https://bren.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213781383-Compute-Team-Mission-Statement-Services

The three staff at Bren providing computing support includes: Geoff Jewel, Brad Hill and Steve Miley.  We also employ a few students to get help. 

Computer Accounts - 

You'll end up with a Bren Desktop Account ( windows desktop, printing, WiFi, file server ).  You'll also probably have a UCSBnetID, which is the UCSB campus login for many services. 

WiFi -

UCSB Campus has a service called eduroam, you can login to this, with your UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu

You should have good eduroam access in all 1st floor classrooms (1414, 1424, 1510, 1520), 2nd floor DCR, 3rd floor GIS, SCF, Reading Room, Kitchen, Davidson Commons, Pine Room.  There will be good access in the courtyard and breezeway study areas by the end of summer 2017.

Bren has 30 WiFi access points sprinkled around the building, and you can use the "BREN" wifi with your Bren Desktop Account.  We also have BREN-GUEST and BREN-UCSBnetID for other ways to authenticate, but you should use your Bren Desktop account if you have one.  We can whitelist your mobile device if you are faculty, staff or student.

Computers -

We are mostly Windows PC @ Bren, running Windows 7.  Staff, Faculty and Students are provided desktops managed by the compute team.  If you are a researcher or visitor, you'll either use your own computer/laptop on the WiFi network, or on a separate network we have for machines not managed by the computer team.  We require that you have anti-virus software on your own computers used on our networks.  

File Servers - 

We have a number of servers, some file servers.  You will have an H Drive, which is your home folder. You might have access to other folders such as departmental or research project folders.   The S Drive, if you have one, is generally a link to the "parent" of your home folder.  The R drive is often the "Course" folder, for course related files.  If you are a 2nd year masters student, you will have a G drive, which is for your Group Projects.    We backup files once a day, and keep backups for up to 3 months.  

Printing - 

We have too many printers, and there is too much printing.  We are trying to simplify printing over the next few years.  There are printers on the 3rd floor lab wing for students, 3516, and printers in each of the mailrooms on the 2nd floor.   Please stop by 3516 to find out the best place you can print.   Printing costs Bren money, and color printing costs the most ($.20 a page).  Please minimize your printing if you can.  We are trying to set quotas on some of our community.


We have site licenses for some software: MS Office, ARC/GIS, Matlab, Mathmatica.  We install many open source titles on our windows instance.   If you need some new software installed, and its free or you have a license, send us a help request so we can install it for you.

Class Rooms / meeting spaces- 

We have over 10 classrooms and meeting spaces.  Most have a podium connected to a projector and "house sound speakers", that allow you to connect a laptop to project to the screen.  Podiums also have desktop computers connected along with a DVD/Blue ray player.    If you need to use a microphone in the rooms, contact us.

Help Documentation 

You can search for help documentation we've written @ https://bren.zendesk.com/hc/en-us   or peruse the categories.   But if you have a question, always feel free to ask us, and please tell us when you see something broken, often its the only way we will know.


Building Access 

There are two ways of accessing the building/rooms - a physical key for your office, and access via the UCSB Access card to the Lab wing and elevators during times outside of normal business hours. 

Thanks again and Welcome to Bren!


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